Loving Your Imperfections Couples Retreat

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A Taste of Heaven Couples Retreat

Do perfect spouses, marriages, families exist? From personal experience,  I will say no, I haven’t been in contact with any under heaven, but I know PERFECT LOVE exist, and when it comes in contact with imperfection,  it has a way of making up for every fault, abuse, mistake, etc through forgiveness that comes from anyone that has allowed himself or herself to become the channel of unconditional love.


Sam Keen says “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” 


This is very true and also very practical, however a lot of Marriages are not working today, because we are looking for a perfect spouse.


Most of the time we are trained to go into marriage with conditional love rather than unconditional, and so it becomes very easy to love our spouse when he or she meets up with our expectations of them, and when they don’t or can’t, it’s just logical to stop loving, and let them know through words or actions how disappointed we are.


This happens because we are also looking for someone who will complete us, rather than compliment us in marriage. We have this deep feeling that we are incomplete as a person, and we are right about that, but to think its another person that will complete us is wrong, because only our Creator can do that, while our spouse can only compliment us.


At this A Taste of Heaven Couples’ Retreat tagged Loving Your Imperfections, our goal is to help married couples see each other from God’s Perspective, and start seeing the imperfect spouse perfectly.


Our Couples development workshops for this retreat will include:

  • Let go of past hurts
  • Dealing with Anxiety in Marriage
  • Dealing with power struggles in Marriage  
  • Improving Emotional and Sexual Intimacy 
  • Learn how to save your marriage after infidelity 
  • Master the art of communicating to your spouse with the MBTI personality assessment

During this life changing Couples’ Retreat, couples will surely find themselves longing for ways to re-establish deep connections with each other, with a blend of relationship enhancement experiences in the beautiful and serene nature of Cotonou, Benin!

The Couples Retreat begins on the 13th and ends on the 17th of February.  

Are you interested in attending this couples retreat? Register Here | Learn more 

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