About Jerome Matchmaker

With many years of experience in the field of Matchmaking, we keep designing and redesigning our approach using methods that favor our clients, so that at the end of the day, the right matches are made and lives are changed. The best part of our work is the Joy people experience when their dream for marriage finally comes through.

Some of our Clients find their Match in 5 days of registering with us, for others, it may take 5 weeks, and yet for some others, it may take 5 months. However the good part is once you register with us, we work with you until you find what you are looking for, and we always do.

Why Register For The Matchmaking Program?

  • Our success rates has been quite impressive
  • Our service is confidential
  • Pre-marital Counseling for our clients

  • We make room for special clients.

  • We identify with our clients, and what they are looking for

  • We follow-up on our married clients who are comfortable with the idea

Let’s Confront Some Of These Fears People Have About Matchmaking 

People may see me as desperate

Most of us get to a place called DESPERATE at some point of our lives, and honestly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Most times things don’t just fall so perfect under our timetable, and when they don’t desperate is what we may get.

At Jerome Matchmaker, since we have a fair understanding of the issues of life, I believe bringing your desperation to us might be a good thing to do, because we help you to feel safe again through our Counseling Packages designed just for this. Through these sessions we help you to move from being desperate to being determined, encouraging you to also engage yourself in Purposeful Activities that will bring you to a place of balance.

You will realize in the end that your concern is not how people see you, but how truthful you are with yourself, and what you are doing to help yourself.

I will not find the kind of person i am looking for

Most people who seek the service of a Matchmaker do not know what kind of person they are looking for. Some of these people have actually gone into too many relationships in their lifetime believing that it is as many relationships as they can have that will get them married, not realizing that the reverse is the case.

When such people tell you what they want in a person, it’s usually as a result of losing touch with reality that may have come from pain, hurts, distorted  self-esteem, disappointments, etc. While others may not have been in relationships before, and so their idea of relationship comes from movies watched, and novels read, while trying to relive a life that’s not theirs.

At Jerome Matchmaker, we do our best to go through all these with you, by first helping you to get in touch with

  • Who you are
  • What your needs for true love are
  • What kind of person will do just fine fitting in

Matchmaking isn't God's will

At Jerome Matchmaker, we actually exist to do God’s Will.

  • We believe Marriage is honorable for everyone who wants to get into it.
  • We believe Marriage isn’t man’s idea, but God’s.
  • We believe God has made provision for His Children who seek to begin institution.

Men who register for matchmaking only do so to get easy sex

Most men, who do not understand the value of a relationship with another soul, will consider its purpose to be for easy sex. Some of us don’t understand how to live for a purpose, because all our lives we have lived for pleasure since pleasure is more accessible than purpose, and so we can’t rule out that there are people who seek pleasure over purpose.

At Jerome Matchmaker, one thing you will be sure of though is that we are committed to re-educating and refreshing the minds of our clients, helping them to see that if you have to succeed in a relationship as intense as marriage which our clients have in mind, then we will have to change our selfish mindset, and self-serving attitude to serving, building, raising and helping another.

During the Consulting session, we are able to detect someone who may be having difficulties living for anyone else beyond his or herself. And without judgment, we try to suggest appropriate help.

Your Perfect Match Is Searching For You