Relationships, Family and Work is important to us

How do we do it? We COACH, COUNSEL and MATCHMAKE.


1-on-1 Coaching


Who are we? What we do?

At JeromeIsTalking, we Counsel, Coach and Matchmake creating an environment where people see themselves clearly, identifying gaps between where the client is and where the client needs or wants to be in terms of Relationship Building, first with them and then others, as their relationship with God remains most important.

We help clients create, nurture and expand relationships to further Marital, Familial, Social or Business goals. We use innovation, creativity and a worldwide personal network of contacts to enhance our clients’ strategic goals. We guide our clients through the building of structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment to lasting relationships in Marriage, Family and Business.






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Our Services

At JeromeIsTalking, Creating and Sustaining Balance in Marriage, Family and Work is important to us, and we will ensure that our clients achieve this as we provoke intentional thoughts, actions and behavior changes than the client would have asked of him or herself.

  • Personal Counseling
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Extra Marital Affairs Detective
  • Reconciling Couples Separated for many years and will like to be back together again
  • Family Therapy
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Matchmaking
  • Romantic Getaways

Counseling Services

Our Counseling Services which is highly confidential is done on appointments only, and helps you to deal with Foundational Relational Issues that can help you have a better platform and perspective to an area or areas of your life that is key to moving your life forward. It is designed to provoke productive change.

Relationship Coaching and Matchmaking Services

  • If you are looking to get married for the first or seventh time, then I am your man.
  • Maybe you are Divorced, Widowed or Never Married after spending time on your career or with the wrong boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Maybe you have never wanted to get married until recently.
  • Maybe you have had weight issues or you have been distracted by overwhelming needs at home that you had to pay some attention to.
  • Maybe you are shy and have trouble meeting sincere men or decent ladies.
  • It makes no difference how you got here. If you are single and ready to make a change, then you need a Relationship Coach/Matchmaker.


  • I spend too much time on my job that I don’t even have a social life
  • I am attracted to the wrong kind of men or ladies
  • I don’t like the kind of men or ladies that approach me for a relationship
  • I can’t seem to get over a lost love
  • My Dates to seem to turn into committed relationships
  • My committed relationships fizzle out before I know it

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