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Our Services Include

  • Personal Counselling
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Extra Marital Affairs Detective
  • Family Therapy
  • Reconciling Couples Separated for many years and will like to be back together again
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Matchmaking
  • Speed Dating
  • Romantic Getaways
  • Wedding Planning
  • Relationship Retreats for Team Leaders and Members of their Team with Spouses


As an ASSOCIATE of the TRACOM Group USA, I am CERTIFIED to administer and deliver the SOCIAL STYLES and VERSATILITY, and also run CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS.

Counseling Services

Our Counseling Services which is highly confidential is done on appointments only, and helps you to deal with Foundational Relational Issues that can help you have a better platform and perspective to an area or areas of your life that is key to moving your life forward. It is designed to provoke productive change.

Relationship Coaching and Matchmaking Services

If you are looking to get married for the first or seventh time, then I am your man.

Maybe you are Divorced, Widowed or Never Married after spending time on your career or with the wrong boyfriend or girlfriend.

Maybe you have never wanted to get married until recently.

Maybe you have had weight issues or you have been distracted by overwhelming needs at home that you had to pay some attention to.

Maybe you are shy and have trouble meeting sincere men or decent ladies.

It makes no difference how you got here. If you are single and ready to make a change, then you need a Relationship Coach/Matchmaker.

Let’s help you CHANGE THE PATTERNS OF YOUR PAST, and launch you into the best days of your life as we look at concerns like;

  • I spend too much time on my job that I don’t even have a social life
  • I am attracted to the wrong kind of men or ladies
  • I don’t like the kind of men or ladies that approach me for a relationship
  • I can’t seem to get over a lost love
  • My Dates to seem to turn into committed relationships
  • My committed relationships fizzle out before I know it

And then through

  • Faith in what God’s Word says about Marriage
  • Date Coaching Classes
  • Speed Dating Events
  • Appropriate Romantic Links

With our Relationship Coaching Services

  • We help you manage an existing but troubled relationship if you really will like to maintain that relationship.
  • We also help individuals who have certain people in mind that they will like to date, find ways of getting into the lives of these people and making it possible for our clients to meet such people, knowing you can date anyone you are attracted to, provided you play right and safe.
  • We teach you where you need to be, and how to be found by the kind of people you are looking for so that all the wrong people can stop coming your way.

Marital Concerns

Marriage means a lot to us, and we know for every marriage that succeeds we can boast of a healthy family and a progressive society. We know that this are troubled times and many marriages are crashing with life span of 4 months to 2 years. While certain marriages are doomed from the very beginning because of ulterior motives behind the union, we also believe that a lot of marriages can be saved if only the two people involved are ready to fight for the love they have or once had for each other. We believe a marriage is as strong as the two people in it. The services offered in this area include:

  • Marriage Counseling- where Couples are challenged and provoked to understand the role Maturity and understanding of personality differences plays in this institution, with certain noble traits encouraged. And how perspective can be a key factor to making the union the best thing that has ever happened in their lives. Couples are also shown the connection between a Happy Marriage and a Successful Business life.
  • Affairs Detective Service- makes us help you to calm your fears as we help you to know if your spouse is having an affair at all and with whom. We also teach you how best to handle the situation so that at the end of it all, you can still have your spouse back while the OUTSIDER leaves. After all, what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. A lot of factors are put into consideration here and so much Godly wisdom applied.
  • I Want You Back- encourage Couples who have been separated for some time to come back together if they so desire or one party thinks it can be achieved. A lot of counseling is done here too.


Couples Mingle is designed to bring lots of couples together to encourage happy marriages through intentional activities and mentoring. These meetings are also encouraged to be hosted in homes of members on rotation, except where space is required for barbeque, balls etc.

Let’s Get Married- is for you if you’re looking to meet someone really special or just for fun. In these days where people go out to drink and let their hair down rather than with serious intent, it can fill the gap. Where else can you get the chance to meet between 30 to 50 singles in a safe, risk free environment and check out that vital chemistry before taking things further?

What sorts of people attend “Let’s Get Married”?
Often people who lead busy lives and maybe don’t have the time to organize their own social diary or people who want to meet others in a safe, caring, supervised environment, without the risk of rejection. In short at a Speed Dating event you will find friendly, up market, professional people who are prepared to employ speed and cut to the chase when searching for Mr. or Ms Right.

What to expect at a “Let’s Get Married” Event
Please arrive about 15-30 minutes before the scheduled event start time. You will need to check in and familiarize yourself with the documentation before the start of the event. We always aim to make a punctual start but this would be impossible if everyone arrived at the scheduled start time, so please get your dating evening off to a great start by completing the check in formalities in good time.

Your Host or Hostess
Your Host or Hostess will welcome you as a group, explain the way everything works and will run through how to complete your Speed Dating documentation. Then the lights will go down, we will turn the music up and the exciting part of the evening will begin.

Romantic Getaways
can be designed for an individual, a premarital couple, married couples, and groups. The essential purpose is to get people away from the hustle and bustle of life to a place of serenity, creativity and time, where time does not run very fast and you begin to wonder where it has gone too. It gives opportunities for respondents to consolidate themselves and couples can also catch up lost times taken away by high profile jobs that most people find in their hands today. People can also find time to make necessary changes that will discourage crisis in their lives. Security is key for venues used. Transportation, Accommodation and Feeding is always taken care of.