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The Matchmaking Process

The Journey into finding a credible life partner always starts with an online consulting session.
The Consulting Session is a very crucial phase of the entire procedure, because that’s what helps determine:
  • Who we are dealing with
  • Where you are at this time of your life regarding Romantic Relationships
  • Why you are there
  • What you intend to achieve
  • How you may achieve your purpose
  • What you need at this point to achieve your Purpose
During this Session, we are given the privilege by you to know as much as we should know about:
  • Your Relationship History
  • Your Family Background
  • Your Personal Profile
  • Etc.

At the end of the Online Consulting Session which is Confidential, we will decide based on our findings, if you should:

  •  Proceed to Subscribe for the Matchmaking Program because you seem ready for it, or
  • Go on a one month Online Counseling Package with us, in order to resolve some Personal Conflicts.
This is to ensure that Former Relationship Patterns are done with, as we work together in getting Better and Permanent Results.
 Please Note This One Sitting ONLINE Consulting Session is Cost Effective, and can be done through SKYPE or an Instant Messenger like Whatsapp, BBM, etc.