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When most people read my ARTICLES, or watch me on Television, some give the feedback “Jerome I wish I had read this article or listened to you talk some years ago, I would not have been in this mess that I am in today”, while others say “whao that was a lifesaver”.

I believe the most encouraging of all is when people begin to understand that you don’t actually consult with a Personal Counsellor like me because you have a problem, but do so, because you don’t want to have a problem that could have been avoided.

I have been privileged to Counsel with so many people within WEST AFRICA, The UK, CANADA, and The US ONLINE, and one thing I am certain about is people want to talk, and people certainly need to talk and deal with so many baggages in their lives. When we don’t take out time to sort ourselves out, our problems/issues are always around the corner to sort us out, and help us to end up in a place we never what to be.

Because you don’t want to end up in a place where you look back and say about your life “THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN, HOW DID I GET HERE”, I am inviting you to take up the opportunity of THE ONLINE COUNSELLING PACKAGES that I have been running for a while now which can be done through Skype, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Chat Now, Google Hangout, Viber, We Chat, Facetime, etc.

What you stand to gain Counselling with me online is:
It is affordable. You may choose a Package that is convenient with your Budget

It is done at your own convenient Day and Time of the week

It is your own choice of SOCIAL MEDIA Platform that will be used

You don’t have to leave the confines, and comfort of your home, office or geographical location

I will be giving up everything else to attend to you Personally Online

I will not Judge you, but UNDERSTAND YOU.



Fees will be conveyed to you when you make contact

Package 1

One Month

Once a Week.

Duration : 40 minutes.

Package 2

One Month


Duration: Flexible

Package 4

Three Months


Duration: Flexible

If you will be interested in going through these sessions with me as you go through the Developmental Stages of your life, and perhaps trying times too,

Text us the information below:

Your Name, Gender, Age, Package to:

+234 8037194335 (available via whatsapp) OR +2348053537663

E.g Dave, Male, 27, Package 2.

Or Fill the Form below

Counselling Form
Have you tried solving it? If yes, What measure did you take