I once worked with a Lady that I thought everybody loved and wanted to Hangout with, and I used to wonder why she didn’t feel the same way. She just wanted to do her job, do it well, delegate tasks appropriately and get desired results for herself and others concerned.
During this period I told her “the people like you, and they want to Hangout with you, why don’t you oblige them?” Her answer to me I will find to be true shortly afterwards when I found myself in the same situation that she was. She said to me “Jerome,  don’t be fooled, these people don’t like me, they like my position, they like where I am, and that’s what they want for themselves, so Jerome,  don’t be fooled.”
I didn’t quite get her answer at that time, I guess because I wasn’t at that point yet to understand it. 
While my Father was alive, there was so many counsel he gave me that I didn’t quite comprehend, until I got to where he was while he was giving that counsel, and then it made sense. 
One thing I have learnt about life is that, because you stand beside someone doesn’t mean both of you are on the same level, or will ever be. Certain people will always be ahead of us, because they are already ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, AND THEY DIDN’T DROP THERE, THEY CLIMBED THE MOUNTAIN, THEY WERE NOT DROPPED BY AN HELICOPTER,  and so they appreciate THE JOURNEY, THE EXPERIENCE, and THE VIEW. They don’t just have knowledge,  but understanding too, and so they have the Capacity to walk in WISDOM, because Wisdom is Knowledge that is guided by Understanding which many lack today.
Now, while I kept on pondering on what this lady told me, as I studied the Bible with the Help of the Holy Spirit,  I came across John 2:24-25 which narrated how Jesus related to the people who were rushing after Him because of the miracles that He did, and not because of His Person:
24 But Jesus didn’t trust them, because he knew all about people. 
25 No one needed to tell him about human nature, for he knew what was in each person’s heart.
Today, you need to know the difference between people who like you, and those who see something in you that they want to burgle, rather than encourage, support and promote.

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