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You become Single, Unexpectedly when you expect that by now you should have been Married, or still Be Married, but you are not.
If by now you observe and have come to realize that most guys would rather go for girls younger than you, and it's been going on for sometime. 
You were in a Relationship, and got engaged, but suddenly your partner Male or Female bolts out of the relationship. 
You were Married, but got divorced.
You were Married, but lost your Spouse to death.
You are still Married, but your spouse is hardly around. Spends more time at work, the Bar, strip clubs, religious centers, etc.
When it dawns on you that you may end up never getting Married. 
When you find out that your Sexual preference is GAY, and you have hidden it well for a long time, and now you can't find a partner for Marriage because to make it worse you are actually a Leader in your religious organization. 
When you just ended a Long Term relationship, only for you to realize that you can't buy back the time you spent in that relationship waiting for it to evolve into Marriage.
When the Man you got Married to Lives abroad, and you have done everything to join him, but for reasons beyond your explanation you have been refused VISA over and over and over again.
Most people don't see it coming
Most People don't prepare for Marriage like they Prepare to go into School, Receive First Holy Communion, attend Prom Night, go for Surgery, Driving Test, Job Interview, win Premier League or La liga, Olympic, Promotional Exams at Work, etc.
Some People are busy sending their younger ones to school, or busy being the bread winner of the Family.
Some People didn't initially see the need for Marriage.
Some people don't like to take responsibility. 
Some People are emotionally and psychologically stunted and so keep thinking they are still young.
Some People are under a spiritual curse.
Some People had a great Marriage, but were careless with it. 
Some people have Genotype issues. 
Some People lack people skills, and so end up as disasters when they attempt to be in a relationship. 
Some People have to deal with Physical disabilities, and others Albinism.
Some are burdened with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, Compulsive habits of various kinds, etc.
Others have Medical Conditions like Sickle Cell, Liver, Kidney and Heart Disease, Vulvodynia, Cancer, HIV, etc. 
Some People have been hurt in past relationships, and couldn't move beyond it. 
Some People don't believe in Love, but love to use others in the name of love.
Seek and Find the True and Living God, and receive Him into your life, so you can be fully depended on Him and His Grace in other not to have your life tilt towards ANXIETY, and all the damaging emotions that go with it. 
Anxiety is not good for you. 
It can make you develop a terminal illness. 
It can make you fail.
It can make you see good, and call it bad, and make you see bad and call it good.
It can make you ungrateful.
It can make you deny God.
It can make you blame everyone for your problems in life.
It can make you sell yourself cheap.
It can turn you into a liar.
It can make you sell your Soul to the devil like a lot of People are doing today.
It can make you take your own life.
Don't let anyone deceive you, only a steady relationship with God, and deliberate growth in your relationship with him through aggressive searching of His Word with DELIBERATE INTENTION to know what He says about you, and how much He loves you, with you responding to Him through Prayers, can build your confidence and make you stare in the face any Status you find yourself in, and succeed at it. 
When most People find themselves to be Single, Unexpectedly they go into a Panic, and just want to do anything to run away from it, not realizing that it takes the GRACE OF GOD to live in any phase of life. 
So many People don't also realize that when they get Married, they will need the Grace of God to live through Marriage, so you find People who panic that they are Single Unexpectedly, and do anything and everything to change that, only to get Married, and realize that the Grace of God is also required to be in Marriage, and since they are not use to living by the Grace of God, but in their own strength, they first become very manipulative in Marriage, always strategizing, while some even force their spouse to go for Counseling as part of their strategy to manipulate, and not necessarily to put the Marriage on track, which is why My Marriage Counseling Sessions always starts with a Consulting Session first, so as to figure out the issues that surround the Marriage. 
Now if a Person hasn't learnt to live by the Grace of God as a Single Person, He or She won't be able to do so in Marriage either, but left with the only choice of jumping out of Marriage just like he or she jumped out of the "Single Unexpectedly state", unless the Grace of God is sought for in all humility. And it's available for all who chose to live by it through our Lord Jesus Christ. 
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