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Don't forget YOURSELF This December
As a Personal Counselor, I can assure you that NOBODY has had their lives just as they planned it or hoped it will be, however some people have had their lives better than they planned or hoped it will be just because at some point in time of their lives they STOPPED all they were doing, took out time for REFLECTIONS, made ADJUSTMENTS, and had to CONSOLIDATE. 
If most of us learn to STOP, which is to cease from, leave off, or discontinue what we are doing regarding, the direction we are going, the decision we are about to make, just to REFLECT, and by that I mean to Think, Ponder, Meditate on our Path in life, a lot of us will certainly make some ADJUSTMENTS that will be to OUR OWN BENEFITS, and will CONSOLIDATE. 
Consolidate has its roots in Latin: by combining com- (meaning "together") with solidare (meaning "to make solid"). So, when you think about consolidate, think about bringing things together to make something solid, stronger, or easier to handle. 
Some of us have experienced Broken Relationships, Broken Wedding Engagements, Broken Marriages, Broken Careers, Broken Family, Broken Plans, Broken Faith, and Broken Lives generally, but rather than Stop, Reflect, Adjust and Consolidate, we just continue, and then the quality of our lives keep dropping to the point that we just go on EXISTING rather than LIVING AND LOVING, and from that moment life becomes more about what others are doing, rather than what we should be doing, despite the fact that WE STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER EVEN WITH WHAT IS LEFT OF US.
Unfortunately a lot of people around us don't even know what we are going through, because WE KEEP ACTING STRONG, WHEN WHAT WE WANT TO DO IS JUST DIE OR DISAPPEAR. That's when we keep posting selfies on the Social Media, and anything that will cover up how we feel inside until something happens that makes us the Laughing Stock of the Public. Then people start saying "oh, I am really surprised, I thought they actually had a Role Model Marriage", "I thought they had a fantastic relationship and were both heading for the Altar, I didn't know he was always beating her, and all the money they were spending in the relationship was hers", "I didn't know she was having issues on her Job, because it's the same job that didn't make her have time for other things. I am surprised she was sacked", "I didn't know his Faith in God was shaky, because he always gave this impression that all was well with him, and that he was at a place of peace", "I didn't know he has lost his Confidence regarding his Career, because his pictures in the Social Media showed he was always everywhere", etc.
Now if we are at any of this point/place, or maybe somewhere not mentioned, I do not advice we just keep going on like most people do which eventually makes their life end, even before they die. I advice we STOP,REFLECT, ADJUST and CONSOLIDATE.
Remember that no matter how much we may have lost, or have gone wrong in and with our lives, there is still ALWAYS a Blessing, Gift, Benefit, Good, Juice, etc left in us. All we need to do is to trust God to help us discard the unused or unwanted items off and organize the remaining just like we find in Isaiah 65:8 "This is what the LORD says: When someone finds juice for new wine in a cluster of grapes, another person will say, "Don't destroy it, because there's a blessing in it." In the same way, I will do this for my servants: I will not destroy everything".
Now don't just read this and agree with it, but rather ACT ON IT. Plan to attend CAMP RESCUE this December 27th-31st in Cotonou, Benin Republic. 
It is COST EFFECTIVE  with Transportation, Accommodation, and Feeding taken care of. If you indeed have to STOP, REFLECT, ADJUST and CONSOLIDATE, it's best done away from Home, and trust me, I have the best Environment for you here in Cotonou. 
Make Inquiries to find out Earlier dates in December that also works well with you for this TIMELY and REWARDING Exercise. The Best Part is there are different RETREAT PACKAGES, and you will always find one that is suitable for your Budget. #camprescue #retreatincotonou 
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