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Do you know why a woman still goes ahead to marry a Man, despite the fact that she knows that he was cheating while they were dating? Because somehow deep within her SHE BELIEVES HE WILL CHANGE, she just doesn't see how a Man will go into an institution as intense as Marriage, and not change especially when he was not forced to get married, but did so willingly. 
And is she right? Does a cheating man change? No he does not change, because HE CAN NOT CHANGE. "Really, but Jerome, I have met some men who were cheating on their wives before, but later changed, and are doing very well in their Marriage now". Well I am not those Men, I don't live their lives for them, and I can only speak for myself, and no one else, because through Counseling, I have come to realize that people are not who we really think they are. And one thing about people is most have mastered THE ART OF WEARING A MASK. People will rather pretend to you about who they are rather than run the risk of being condemned by you. They don't need you to do that, because they already live with Self-Condemnation daily.
Why do Men cheat though? Men cheat for only ONE REASON which is: they have the Nature to Cheat, the nature of Sin. Do you believe there's anything called sin Jerome? Yes I do, and I know sin is EVERYTHING that stands against the very Nature of God. Sin is that which wants to stand parallel to God with a life of its own THAT DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE GOD! It is the Nature that ALWAYS wants to prove God wrong. It says I can be Married, and still catch my fun outside with loose women who don't mind being side chicks. It says I can have sex with whoever I want, anytime I want. 
No it is not fun, it is draining. There's no Man who cheats who ever FREELY enjoys himself. He meets a Lady/Girl, starts a Relationship, it's fun, because she takes away all his stress, makes him feel wanted, gives him a wonderful feeling, gives him something fresh to look forward to, a reason to be by his phone, a reason to be out there away from responsibilities upon responsibilities that his family means to him, a reason to buy for himself new clothes, perfume, shoes, accept invitations to events, because he has a cutie to enjoy it with by his side, a reason to even visit a new big worship centre, since ushers are not going to go around saying "You are welcome to City Worship Centre, please we need to know if both of you are married, and if not, what is the nature of your Relationship"? And so you see a lot of our Worship Centers are full of CHEATING HUSBANDS who come with their Side-Chicks, instead of their wives. And where is his wife? oh well, the Children and herself still worship where they all use to worship AS A FAMILY. 
Isn't this guy lucky though, everything he is experiencing in the relationship outside his marriage seems to be working out for him. Well so it seems, but NOT FOR LONG! You see when you are holding unto what doesn't belong to you, you unconsciously tend to hold unto it more than you hold unto what you believe belongs to you. And so trust a Married man to always try and strangulate the life out of the Single Lady he is having an illicit affair with. He gets very Jealous when she is talking and smiling with another man, he starts to check her phone to know who is calling, texting or chatting with her,  he starts to call her at odd hours, and if she doesn't pick her phone on time or at all, it's going to be hell for her, he may actually become abusive, he will do anything to pass the message across to her that "YOU BELONG TO ME", then she starts to go crazy after a while and say "You want to have your wife inside and me outside, but you know what, it's not going to work, go and divorce your wife and I will stay", now by this time, all the Tranquility in the illicit affair is GONE. They now fight everyday, talk about the same thing over and over and over again. But why don't they just stop the relationship, well because they can't, SIN PUTS YOU IN BONDAGE, SATAN HAS THEM RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS THEM. SATAN NEVER INTENDS MAN TO BE HAPPY. HIS PLAN FOR MAN IS TO STEAL THE GOODNESS OF GOD FROM HIM, KILL HIM AND DESTROY HIM. And satan has been doing a good job on that for those who submit their will to him. Look at your own life now, instead of blaming God for your Misfortunes, have you forgotten how you gave satan a foothold in your life while toying with sin? Where did you think you are going to end up? In paradise? I guess the enemy has you where he wants you, and it's so unfortunate.
So why do I think a Man who cheats on his wife can't change? Because cheating is only a Symptom of a more underlying problem. Before a Man commits Adultery, he first gives himself to Idolatry. Idolatry is ANYTHING THAT TAKES OUR HEART AWAY FROM GOD! And so while we are concerned about his adultery, the major problem is THIS MAN HAS NO CONTACT WITH GOD AT THE MOMENT(even if he is a so called religious leader), and he's now under the control of demonic activities as a slave. That's why he has promised his wife over and over again that he will change, but hasn't, because HE JUST CAN'T CHANGE on his own. He has sold himself into slavery that ONLY GOD CAN BUY HIM FROM! Wives, It's not just about forcing your husbands to go with you for Counseling, this INFIDEL, your husband, who thinks he is still in control HAS LOST CONTROL, and satan will put in his head that you are his reason for being with other women, please don't get sucked into that, YOU ARE SIMPLY WITH AN UNFAITHFUL MAN, and if he was married to another woman, he would have still been unfaithful, until HE SINCERELY CRIES TO GOD who alone can save him. He can't change himself from cheating, no matter how many times he tries, BUT GOD CAN CHANGE HIM. And when he comes to God, he must completely humble himself, because GOD HATES THE PROUD. 
Dear Wife, don't worry, your husband can NEVER enjoy Adultery, nobody does, because Adultery was not designed by satan to be enjoyed. Adultery is a sin, and the pleasure of sin is only for a moment, your husband and side chick will soon start becoming miserable together in no matter of time, and thanks for those terrible prayers you prayed on them too, never relent from it, but always remember to ask God to show his mercy to your undeserving husband. His father committed adultery too and ended up miserable and with MANY REGRETS! 
You see no one who engages in sin, ever enjoys sin. Satan never planned sin to be enjoyed, it was to make men become slaves and start to look for every way out, and when they do it without God, their lives move from one misery to another. Don't be carried away by the smiles of so many people around you. I actually wish those smiles were real, but as a Counselor I can tell you that it's a way many MASK their seemingly unending misery until they CRY TO GOD FOR MERCY. 
It's your turn to ASK GOD TO HAVE MERCY ON YOU. May God hear our prayers and set our men free in Jesus' Name, Amen. 
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