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I have a Female Client that is Intelligent, Sharp, Alert, Quick, Profound, Penetrating, Discerning, and so far Accomplished in her Field at the moment, and I am sure if she chose to change Careers, she just may work herself to being accomplished there too, because she is exceptionally Brilliant.
One of the problems I have observed with Brilliant People though is that THEY ASSUME EVERYBODY ELSE IS BRILLIANT, and sometimes they let down their guards in areas of their Vulnerabilities, and allow themselves to be moved into the Realm of  the Stupid, Dim, Dull, Ordinary, Unaccomplished, Untalented, etc.
This is one of the Major Reasons why you see a lot of Mismatch in Relationships/Marriages today. Despite the fact that this may affect both sexes, from observation it affects a Brilliant Lady more. 
Let me make a Bold Statement here though that EVERYONE CREATED BY GOD WAS MADE FOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND HAS A DESTINY TO BE ACCOMPLISHED. If you are not accomplished, or on your way to be becoming accomplished , who knows, you may be LAZY, UNMANAGEABLE AND FULL OF EXCUSES, and what those negative qualities does is make the partaker of it become DULL, AND STUPID. Always Remember that DIAMONDS WHICH ARE FOREVER, are made by a few steps in Nature including HIGH TEMPERATURE and PRESSURE and it's no wonder people who know the value of Diamonds will go any mile to get it. Now the BOTTOMLINE is that YOU are more precious than DIAMONDS, but do you really think so? Don't you realize that the FIRE, HEAT, PRESSURE, UNBEARABLE PAIN, you are going through in your life right now is suppose to eventually bring out the UNDENIABLE VALUE of your life that will bring Kings and Noble Men your way who will declare at your feet that "SURELY, GOD IS WITH YOU"? But what some of us do is when we can stand the heat no more, we sell ourselves to satan, looking for relief outside of God's UNIQUE PATH for us, and for nothing, becoming less than Ordinary. 
And so back to my Brilliant Female Client who was contacted by this THE MORE YOU LOOK, THE LESS YOU SEE kind of a guy. All the correspondence was made on Whatsapp and so she was able to forward EVERYTHING to me, and these are the points I deducted from the Chats:
1) He lied to her that he got her contact from a Colleague of hers, whose name he couldn't divulge. Now the moment anyone tells you that, that is the RIGHT PLACE TO END THE CONVERSATION. If anyone got your contact from someone, they owe you to mention the name of the person, and when they do, kindly say "please let me cross check, because my Colleague never mentioned to me that he or she gave my contact to anyone. Now, even when it's true, don't get back to the person, if he gets back to you fine, and if he doesn't good riddance to him. If he really wants you, he will go through the trouble. It's called CHASING, unfortunately Ladies don't enjoy the beauty of that anymore, because they are ALWAYS AVAILABLE. If you are a DIAMOND, trust me Men know the difference, they will CHASE YOU ma.
2) After chatting with her briefly, he was quick to sense her REALM, and realized she was Brilliant, Quick and Accomplished, and so for him to leverage with her, he had to bring her to his own Realm. This guy said he was 41, but he is DULL, UNACCOMPLISHED (and has no plans to be accomplished legitimately ) very MEDIOCRE in Nature. He knew if he could bring her to his level, he will be in control. This is not new, it's what the devil does to God's Covenant Children everyday.
3) He brought her to his level by dulling her, telling her how she has a Pretty Baby Face, and that he can't wait to see her. He then moved into action by saying he will like to come for a Visit, and when he comes he will be staying in her place, EMPHASIZING that he will like to get her Pregnant with his Children. I say here again that at this point my Female Client should have ended the CHAT, but she rather found him amusing, because that's what intelligent people do, they find stupidity amusing, not knowing if it's not DISCARDED immediately, amusing may turn to amazing. 
4) Now after giving her something to go and start THINKING about, he started digging deeper into her IMAGINATION, he sent some pictures of himself by a borrowed car, and then after she had mentioned she loves to go to the GYM, he quickly went to a secluded non-functional gym and took pictures of himself lifting some weights, and you know these days our Ladies want to marry 6packs, and not persons. THIS GENERATION BELIEVES THAT WHAT MAKES A MARRIAGE IS PUTTING A FINE BOY AND A FINE GIRL TOGETHER, but you need to hear or read the rest of their stories from me, THOSE MARRIAGES NEVER WORK, unfortunately most times, I am invited to counsel with them after the Wedding when such couples can't Transit into Marriage, because of how DYSFUNCTIONAL the individuals in the union are. May I emphasize here that if you can't get a combination of Package and Contents in a person, settle for CONTENTS, and you won't be ashamed afterwards. 
5) He then told her he has resigned from his present Job, and Relocated to Abuja to take on a new Job, putting it in her mind already that apart from her accommodating him when he comes to visit her, she will also have to spend on him, because he has been out of work, relocated, and just started a new Job. Now please note that every time he kept on getting in touch with her, he kept on reminding her that he was going to pay her a visit, stay in her place and get her pregnant. There was NEVER a time that this Dull, Unaccomplished, 41 year old Man who operates under the Diabolical Power of Deception had an intelligent conversation with my Client to even get to know her, or say anything tangible about himself. 
For him, she was just one of the tools to move his life on, but never FORWARD. As he was chatting with her, he was also chatting with maybe 9 other Ladies, and visiting them one after another because HE HAS A TIMETABLE FOR ALL OF THEM, that is his Full Time Job. Everything he tells you about himself is a lie, and it is still working for him till.... 
This is the kind of thing you get from most guys and girls you meet on the Social Media now. That's why they are on line 24/7. That's what ONLINE BUSINESS means to them.Thank God for my Female Client, who became weary at all that was not adding up, and had to seek a second intelligent opinion.
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