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Before anyone gets into the Matchmaking Program, he or she has to start with a Paid Consulting Session, and it is during this Consulting Session that I have a Fair Knowledge about the Prospective Client. 
During the Session, I get to know about:
1) Your Relationship History 
2) Your Family Background
3) Your Personal Conflicts 
At the end of it, the Prospective Client and Myself decide if he or she is REALLY READY for Marriage, or should deal with some baggages in his or her life first THROUGH Counseling. Some people think just because they have attained a certain age, then they are ready for Marriage, but it's not always so. Listen to me please: THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ARE CARRYING BAGGAGES IN THEIR LIFES, and some of these people just refuse to accept it, but will rather continue to find Comfort in DENIAL. I don't work with such, Male or Female. Marry them, and Divorce is not far from your door. 
1) Some of them have TRUST ISSUES (they don't trust anyone, and always have nothing good to say about anyone). 
2) Then the ones who have PROBLEMS WITH SEX (these ones, both Male and Female, sleep around a lot, having sex with anybody. The thing is they will NEVER stop it if you make the mistake of getting married to them, and there is a possibility that they are under a Generational Curse, their Father or Mother may have such issues too). 
3) Did I already mention the ones who LIE, Male and Female too? (be careful, EVERYTHING they are going to tell you about themselves IS A LIE, and they always like to create an impression or image before people. It's ALWAYS important how people see them. They always forget to live for themselves, because they are always busy living up to the perceived expectations of others about them. Marry them, and they will bring CHAOS into your once organized life). 
4) What about the ones who just NEVER DO WELL, Males and Females. (talk to them for a short while and you will observe that THEY ARE FULL OF EXCUSES, always making excuses, and NEVER taking responsibilities for where they are in life. Most of them don't go out anymore so their Age mates don't discover that THEY DIDN'T MAKE IT, and the ones who still go out you will find in companies and spots reserved for those who have concluded that they are LOSERS. Most losers have ANGER ISSUES, because they are not happy about where they are in life, and even when he or she wins by accident, he or she soon loses what was won, because he or she lacks the attitude of a Winner. Marry this person, and you will pay with your dear life).
Please listen to me, THERE ARE LOTS OF PEOPLE OUT THERE WITH BAGGAGES IN THEIR LIVES, and until they courageously accept it, humbly seek help, THEY ARE NO CANDIDATES FOR MARRIAGE!!! 
We CELEBRATE DIVORCE now like never before, and these are the reasons why. Too many people unfit for Marriage are getting Married. We can stop this trend! Open the EYES OF YOUR SPIRIT, stop getting married to people that are UNMARRIAGEABLE please. Stop agreeing to manage someone when it comes to Marriage. Stop listening to Relations that say "MANAGE HIM LIKE THAT! If you listen to them, they will be gone when you need them, and it will just be you and the imbecile you have agreed to live with left behind, until you sue for a divorce too. 
If people need Counseling, Psychiatric Evaluation or Spiritual Deliverance, let's be bold enough to let them know, WHOEVER THEY MAY BE. So many lives and destinies are being destroyed today just because they married people they should NEVER have married. LET'S STOP THE TREND! LET IT START WITH YOU! GET HELP! GO FOR COUNSELING! 
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