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Now if you are 30 years and above Male or Female and you are not earning any INCOME, really don't have a Job, may I appeal to you to STOP THINKING ABOUT MARRIAGE, because in life, there are stages, and if you think you can jump a stage and move to the next one, YOU MAY NEVER LIVE A GOOD LIFE, because all you are running away from will come back to confront you.
Why will anyone in the Right Senses consider Marriage when he or she has no job or any means of livelihood? You spend Money in Marriage. The moment you get into it, YOU NEVER STOP! Didn't your parents tell you at home? To build a Marriage requires Money, then comes THE FAMILY which requires much more. Then you will get to a point that you will be expected to support External Family, and that also requires Money. Then your Parents might start to need Health Care, because of Old Age, and that requires Money, and then Parents start to die, and it's time for Burials, and that Requires Money. Above all these, you will be Required to EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN from the beginning to the end, and that requires Money. People do it, why shouldn't you?
Now who is lying to this Generation? I know we still have some 30 years old and above living with their Parents and living off them, but does it make it right for their Psychosocial Development? 
Can these set of people forget about Marriage for now, and sort out this stage where they can acquire a SENSE OF SIGNIFICANCE? If you don't, you will only become a CURSE and a LIABILITY to whoever you get Married to, because YOU PRACTICALLY HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER. 
MARRIAGE is for GIVERS and RECEIVERS. It is Certainly not for a TAKER who keeps taking and taking and taking. Hate me for all you care, you won't be the first, but then someday, YOU WILL REMEMBER I told you the Truth! And it applies to anyone who is 30 years upwards and in this condition, both Male and Female. Forget Marriage! Go for paid counseling sessions! Focus on yourself! Find Problems you are suppose to solve for people in Life, and they will pay you for it. Start Humbly and Your God will Lift You up to your NEXT LEVEL in life. God has always been a LIFTER OF MEN AND WOMEN who chose to do the right thing and live in OBEDIENCE. 
May you humble yourself, repent, do the right thing, and let God LIFT YOU UP in Jesus' Name. Amen. #jeromeistalking #nojobnomarriage #noincomenomarriage #stopdestroyingpeopleslives #stopmarryingpeoplewithoutincome #yourincomeisnotenoughfor2ofyou

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