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I have observed that too many people are marrying down these days, and the consequences are devastating. Recently one of my Clients got married and I was there to witness the occasion. Every marriage will go through the challenge of growth, because the couple will have to learn to make a lot of negotiations at first, and as they grow together end up learning to compromise as they drop negotiating, because trust has been built over time. So the point is EVERY MARRIAGE will go through growth challenges. But you see some marriages will go through extra challenges that are probably uncalled for, and not just face consequences, but grave and devastating consequences that could have been avoided. But some people are stubborn and always want to prove a point. Everything they have done all their life so far is with the intention of proving a point. Such people brag that there is nothing they want in life that they have not gotten, unfortunately they have not learnt that there are some things they don’t need to want or have in life, because there are some things that you end up pursuing and eventually have in your life that will terminate your destiny, change the scripts of your life, and eventually destroy you.
When you attend certain weddings, you already know if it’s going to last or not. There are some weddings you attend where there is a lot of money being spent for the ceremony, but can as well consider it as a waste, because all the guests in attendance are all like peacocks, so full of themselves, waiting for who is going to greet who first, waiting to start a fight over the fact that their tables are not being served etc. Trust me, the couple in view may just not have a happy ending, because neither the Groom’s Family or Bride’s Family have enough moral standards to treat people right, and this new couple is an offshoot of such an unfortunate stock, they will end up not treating each other right as well.
There are also some weddings you attend where you know the whole thing was sponsored from just one side, and not from both. You will find one side gloriously dressed up, while the other side looks like people that have just come out from a poverty incubator. That side looks so wretched, so poor, so just not it, that even if the one side sponsoring the wedding has tried to dress up the parents of the poverty stricken side, it will still be very obvious that it just doesn’t fit. In such weddings, you will find out that the Bride’s side most especially is the one looking very good, and also fully in charge. If you are observant you will soon find out that they are the ones in charge of food, and the distribution of gifts, and sooner than later, the poverty stricken side will start to complain and to curse because they feel they are not being  treated right, and that they were just brought from their villages or slumps to be embarrassed, whereas they should have known that coming to such an occasion is also an invitation to embarrass themselves, because it’s a very natural thing for the rich to loathe the poverty stricken, because they don’t see the poverty stricken as a match for them, and since that occasion is not a “feed the hungry” program, the rich will most likely feed themselves first.
Now how did such an occasion arise in the first place? Well it’s most likely the daughter of the rich who met the son from the poverty stricken home, at work or from church, and was not told that love (Eros) is not enough. And despite the fact that this guy has always been borrowing money from her to meet up with his moral obligations in his father’s house, she still insisted that they should get married, not thinking about the fact that in this guy’s family, he is the only one who seems at that time to be making progress. You see if you come from a family where you are the only one making progress, instead of seeing yourself as the one God is using to bring wealth into that family or as the STAR of that family, I advise that you run as far as you can far away from that poverty stricken home, and take your time to grow in your relationship with God, learn how to listen to God speak, and do only the things that God commands you to do for that home, and nothing more, so that you are not led by the enormous needs you find on ground, but by what God is specifically asking you to do for them, because that is the only thing God will multiply back to you. If you think because you have one tasere job in an oil company, you have now become the ATM for that poverty stricken home, you will soon become an abandoned ATM full of dust and no longer visited by anyone. You see poverty is a Curse, and spending money on the accursed is not what solves the spiritual problem, it is God who alone has the power to turn around the situation of a generational foundation.
And so when a Client of mine went ahead and spent her money to sponsor her wedding, paying for everything, including the suit her Husband (who had no job) and Best Man wore, I knew her spending days were far from being over. I see more women marrying down these days because they are stubborn and will not listen to counsel, and some of them marry down because parent’s no longer investigate what kind of family their daughters will be going into because they just want them to get married. Look out for my article that tells you how men also marry down and ruin their destinies, and also what happens when you marry down and what can be done about it. Do you think you married down or about to marry down? Before you conclude on that, consult with Jerome.
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