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If you are dating any of these people, then you have fallen for a COUNTERFEIT:
1) A Married Man
2) Your Ex that left you to Marry someone else
3) Your Neighbour who is about to Marry someone else, but has refused to tell you
4) Your Colleague who already told you he is in a Relationship
5) Your Counsellor
6) Your Imam or Pastor
7) ETC
Now the list can go on, but the fact remains that this Category is all about anyone you are dating or investing your emotions on who won't last with you, because they are not suppose to be in your life in that CAPACITY in the first place. 
No matter how real what you get from these set of people are, it will always be a COUNTERFEIT, that's why it's always SWEET when you taste it, but VERY BITTER when it goes down. You will NEVER be SECURE in such love, no matter how much the counterfeit tries. 
Have you noticed your emotion is NEVER stable in that kind of relationship? At some point you are so much in love, and wish it will last, or that the person isn't Married, but please get it into YOUR STURBORN THICK SKULL that the Person you are with, is NOT AVAILABLE!!!
By the way there are lots of Married Men right now parading themselves as SINGLE Men. How do you catch one? He will be too experienced at taking care of you, than a single guy can do, and guess what, that's what sweeps you off your feet in the first place right? Everything seems right, everything is just in place, except that HE IS A COUNTERFEIT! 
Let's look at the Dictionary Meaning of Counterfeit:
1) made in imitation of something genuine with the intent to deceive or defraud; forged
2. simulated; sham: counterfeit affection.
3. an imitation designed to deceive or defraud
4. an impostor; cheat
Now you can see that the ultimate goal of The Counterfeit will be to DEFRAUD you whether he knows it himself or not. He will take some YEARS from your life that you should have spent finding your own, and HE WILL NEVER BECOME YOUR OWN even if you end up having a Child for him. You may also become a Counterfeit for him, because at some point he may begin to wish he was married to you, and not his Wife, but all that is bobo, because when his wife starts to give him problems over you, you will realise that YOU ARE INDEED THE SIDE CHICK. Do you know that Jesus did not die for you, so you can end up as the Side Chick? 
Some of you reading this don't believe you deserve to have YOUR OWN, which is why you always end up being with someone who has someone else, because you already have a belief that no one will truly have you as their ONE AND ONLY.
I have met lots of frustrated women in this situation, and I believe you can chose to stop being one of them. SEEK COUNSELLING today. It will be strictly CONFIDENTIAL, and you can be sure that your secret is SAFE, except after you are healed, will like to use it to help others with your identity concealed. 
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