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There are some things in Life that doesn't matter to you now, that will matter to you latter in Life. For example, when was the last time you spoke to your Dad? When was the last time you visited your Mother and your thoughtfulness brought her a Gift.
Are you in touch with your siblings? Do you know how they are doing? Do you care about Family? When was the last time you were in one?
I have attended INTRODUCTIONS where Families of an intending Couple are introduced to each other, and some of them are Pathetic. Pathetic because everything that was set to go wrong ALWAYS go wrong. Sometimes the Father of the Man doesn't show up, because he says his son has been rude to him, and he has not set eyes on him for a long time, and that he does not believe in anything his Son is doing. At other times its the siblings who refuse to show up, because there is strife in the family and no one is talking within the Family. And at other times when the Family of the Guy shows up, you can see they all look VERY WRETCHED that if anything goes wrong with the intending Couple despite the fact that they both have good Jobs, they have no one in the guy's family that they can turn to for help. When you look at the people that come with him as Family, they all look so wretched that you wonder if your daughter should be handed over to such a Family, because what you see spells doom. As a matter of fact you have to FUMIGATE your house Physically and Spiritually when they leave.
And then you attend another introduction elsewhere and you know that the People you are receiving into your home are AUGUST VISITORS.
You see "AUGUST" does not go with everybody, but everybody can chose to identify with AUGUST. August means Distinguished, Respected, Celebrated, Esteemed, Highly Regarded, Well Thought of, Impressive, Majestic, Lordly, Kingly, Royal, Of High Standing, etc.
Now when this AUGUST VISITORS arrive, they change the Atmosphere. People around the locality follow their trail to know whose house they are going to as Visitors. When they stand up to be introduced you can tell that there are people in this life that because of "THE BLESSING OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD" have overcome the Curse that befalls humanity as a result of Disobedience to God. 
Then you ask what this Family has that distinguishes them like this from yours, only for you to remember that God says "I WILL HAVE MERCY ON WHOM I WILL HAVE MERCY, AND COMPASSION ON WHOM I WILL HAVE COMPASSION, SO THEN IT IS NOT OF HIM THAT WILLS OR RUNS, BUT OF GOD THAT SHOWS MERCY. Meaning only God can make us AUGUST VISITORS, and I encourage that we hold God to it, because HE WANTS IT WELL WITH US in this life and in the next. 
I have described some not so wonderful introductions, and I don't pray that yours will be like that especially for the fact that Your Father in Heaven owns ALL THINGS and says All Things are Yours.
It is the will of God to make you and all the people attached to you AUGUST VISITORS, just go on your Knees and ask Him to remove every wretchedness from your life, and the life of your Loved Ones #theaugustvisitor #youareonGodsmind #jeromeistalking 
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